I am the founder and owner of Fencecraft back in July of 2011, now more known as Framepvp. You may or may not remember me but I used to run and treat this server like my baby. As of late, one and a half year to be more specific I completely lost interest in minecraft and that includes the server. Instead of closing the server down or giving it to someone more responsible at the time I decided to just completely halt the support and work I put into the server which would in the long run lead to the downfall of Frame.

I did my best with hiring competent people to basically run the server with very little support from myself - the owner. However the server was already doomed, the lack of support from me and players growing tired of minecraft led to a decline in players on the server. The 1.8 update respective 1.9 and 1.10 was when I finally decided that the server had to come to an end. Our already lacking playerbase combined with the split playerbase between the 1.7 versions and up to 1.10 led to arguments. It was either leave it 1.7 and keep the old playerbase or update to 1.10 and possibly bring in new players, but as already stated I had no interest in actually putting down the many hours I once did to get back to where we once were - a successful minecraft server.

We peaked at 660 players back in 2014 and that was the greatest feeling ever, we had many competitors back then and all the hard work I had done actually paid of. Instead of continuing from that huge milstone I basically just quit and I let you guys down. That's what i'm regretting the most. Not the closing of the server but letting you guys down.

It is with a tear in my eye I am saying good bye and thank you, thank you for all these countless hours of both joy and hate. This time has been a huge experience for me and I hope it has been the same for you. Now we can only look forward and see what the future holds.

The official date for the closing of the server and forum is the 16th of August and I can assure you this time we won't be delayed.
FramePvP had a good run, but all good things have to come to an end and this is the end for Frame for now.





  • Updated rank information.
  • Added kit potion/raiding
  • Added In-Game faction money

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